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Order your Bee Happy promotional materials directly from Guerilla Marketing in Newton, KS! Currently they have t-shirts, polo shirts and hats you can order with this logo. Prices are good and any proceeds will go to KSDA for future marketing campaigns. Order now through March 19. Shipping costs will be added. You can order as an individual or as a club to save on shipping. If you need more time to organize a group order, email Leigh Johnson.

If you are interested in customizing your order (adding club names to the t-shirts, for instance) contact Guerilla Marketing directly. The email address is also on the store link above. Be sure to reference the Bee Happy logo. gmikansas@icloud.com.

Contact Leigh Johnson directly at leighj98@hotmail.com to request decals (photo shown). Decals can be used on metal insulated cups, windows of businesses or any smooth surface (they are permanent). If your club wants to order a quantity of decals, the minimum order is $25 (plus tax and shipping) and you will receive 64 decals for a little less than $.50 each. If you want a smaller number for your club, Leigh will collect orders and combine to meet the minimum at a cost of $.50 each. Please make requests by March 19, or request an extension if you need more time to finalize orders.

Leigh is also collecting club requests to order insulated grocery bags with the arched logo (larger size) that is being used on the t-shirts. Insulated bags have a zipper closure at the top to help keep items cool. A minimum order of 250 bags will be required before the order will be placed, with individual bags at about $4 each. That price will be reduced if more than 250 bags are ordered. All requests for grocery bags must be submitted no later than March 19.

Order Shirts & Caps Online Here>>

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